10 Lines Essay on Ice Hockey in English for Students

  1. Ice hockey is a sport played on the ice. 
  2. It is the national sport of Canada. 
  3. It is a very popular worldwide known sport.
  4.  This sport began in the 19th century. Captain James Sutherland is known as the father of ice hockey. 
  5. This is a game played by two teams. 
  6. Each has 6 members, one goalkeeper, two defenders, two wings, and one center. In this game, one can sweat a lot because it can be extremely tiring. 
  7. It is said that one could even lose 10 pounds playing this sport. 
  8. Their longest career as an ice hockey player is John Burnosky from the USA. 
  9. This is a sport that is fast-paced and can get one off their seats in excitement. 
  10. The most important rule in the sport of ice hockey is that one should always wear a helmet for protection, for it can get extremely dangerous especially because one is playing on the ice.