10 Lines Essay on Ice cream Man in English for Students

  1. The ice cream man comes on a hot sunny day, walking around with his ice cream cart. 
  2. How the children as well as the adults gather around him awaiting his delicious ice cream. 
  3. The ice cream man comes around 10 am strolling around the park and when he is even 10 minutes late, everyone begins to question.
  4.  His ice cream tastes like no other
  5. . Rich in flavor and rich in varieties. 
  6. He has been working for over 20 years as the ice cream man and all loved him dearly. 
  7. He is extremely friendly and gives free ice cream sometimes.
  8.  He respects all, is kind to all, and treats all equally. 
  9. The joy and the relief the ice cream man brings during the scorching heat of the summer days.
  10. The ice cream man loves his job as he loves his customers.