10 Lines Essay on I Want to Become a Teacher in English for Students

  1. I want to become a teacher because I enjoy teaching. 
  2. My family comes from the line of teachers and one could say that I may have gotten the inspiration from them.
  3.  Being a teacher would make me broaden my knowledge and skills every day as I connect with bright minds.
  4. Teaching should come from the desire to share their knowledge with another. 
  5. I want to become a teacher so that the kids that I teach will not only focus on the writings of the book but rather teach about the practicality that one needs in life. 
  6. I want to make learning and education fun for the kids.
  7.  I respect teachers greatly for the time and sacrifice they put into students. 
  8.  I want to broaden their knowledge to a whole new level and not bound them with the traditional narrow teaching. The want to become a teacher was in me for a long time. 
  9. I want to make learning fun and enjoyable. 
  10. I want to bring new techniques of teaching into account and open doors for teh students, making them feel the classroom environment is homely, safe, and warm.