10 Lines Essay on I Am a Tree in English for Students

  1. I am a tree. I am big, stout, and strong.
  2.  I am home to varieties of species of birds. 
  3. I give shelter to the people from the scorching heat that the sun gives.
  4.  I provide shelter when it rains.
  5.  I have green healthy leaves.
  6.  I bear fruits and those fruits are taken by the little village boys and girls that climb over me.
  7.  Children love to play around me. 
  8. I am also a backbone for the writers to lean on to ponder to own their thoughts. I am God’s beautiful creation for I am a tree. And no, don’t cut me for it takes decades for me to grow. 
  9. I help fight pollution and will continue to do so for years.
  10.   I am the reason for the cool breeze that one needs on a hot sunny day. I am a tree.