10 Lines Essay on I am a Green Warrior in English for Students

  1. I am a green warrior. I will protect my environment. 
  2. I will stand firm and fight to protect my environment.
  3.  I will teach and re-educate all people that I can and come across about the environment and ways they can protect it. 
  4. I will do all I can in my power to make the rest a green warrior.
  5. I will do all that I can to promote this very subject through all platforms. 
  6. I am a Green Warrior. I will die a Green Warrior.
  7.  I will set an example for the rest.
  8.  I will live by my word.
  9.  I will be the face of the Green Warriors and try to inspire as many people as I can, especially the kids for the kids are the future of tomorrow. 
  10. I am a Green Warrior. I forever will be one.