10 Lines Essay On Hyder Ali In English For Students

  1. Hyder Ali was the muslim ruler of Mysore, Karnataka.
  2. He was born in 1722 in Budikote, Kolar district.
  3. He was a very bold personality with excellent leadership qualities.
  4. He faced many victories in his lifetime, being a ruler.
  5. He was also known as ‘Nawab of Mysore’.
  6. Though illiterate he was very intelligent and had a very good memory.
  7. Tipu Sultan, also known as “Tiger of Mysore”, was son of Hyder Ali.
  8. He fought many battles like the Anglo-Mysore War, Battle of Porto Novo and Arni etc.
  9. He died due to cancer on December 7, 1782 in Chittoor.
  10. After his death, his body was buried in Gumbaz at Srirangapatna, Karnataka.