10 Lines Essay on Humayun in English for Students

  1. Hamayun was a ruler who came into power at the age of 22. 
  2. He was the weakest of the early Mughal Emperors due to his inexperience because he was so young.
  3.  He went through a lot of ups and downs to reach his success and even after reaching his success, he was faced with more challenges. 
  4. He was one ruler that was regarded as the one who never missed the possibility of falling.
  5.  He died at the age of 47. 
  6. The cause of his death was due to his fall from the staircase of his library.
  7.  On one of his journeys, he was also poisoned by Gulrukh. 
  8. After his death, his tomb was built after a few years which was the first of the great Mughal architectural masterpieces
  9. He was known as a merciful emperor.
  10. He was also an astrologer and he introduced Persian architecture to India.