10 Lines Essay on Humanity in English for Students

  1. The state of being human is called humanity.
  2.  Humanity is extremely important in the works of life. 
  3. It tells one to help others, try to understand others, and realize people’s problems with one’s own eyes and try to help them.
  4.  It also means extending unconditional love to each and every one you cross paths with.
  5.  It is very important as it helps us to stay humble and grounded. Moreover, it helps us forget our selfish interests at times when others need our help.
  6.  People with good and rich humanity in them go a long way in life as they gain respect and love from people around them. 
  7. Humanity teaches us to understand and appreciate the things and people around us. 
  8. It does not just symbolize human compassion and civilization, rather it does far beyond that.
  9. It is very important for job centers to employ people not just with good skills but with a high level of humanity.
  10. Humanity goes a long way in life and therefore, it is crucially important to teach kids at home regarding this matter.