10 Lines Essay on Human Respiratory System in English for Students

  1. The organs and the tissues that help one breathe are called the respiratory system. 
  2. Airways, lungs, and blood vessels are included in the respiratory system. 
  3. The main and most important organ in the respiratory system is the lungs. 
  4. Smoking and drinking are horrible for the well-being of the lungs and therefore access to smoking and drinking can lead to a lot of respiratory problems and diseases and even cancer. 
  5. To take care of one’s respiratory system one must eat a well-balanced diet and have an active lifestyle. 
  6. Greens, oysters, blueberries, and pumpkins are just some examples of foods and drinks that have been shown to benefit lung function. 
  7. One should also get regular checkups for the well-being of one’s health. 
  8. It is also so important to take deep breaths. 
  9. One should also teach the people, especially in rural areas about its severe impact on the health if one continues to smoke. This is because we see people in rural areas smoke as a way of tradition. 
  10. Steaming and a lot of breathing exercise is good for maintaining a good respiratory system.