10 Lines Essay on Human Environment in English For Students

  1. All the physical, social, and economic components, conditions, and factors are called the human environment. 
  2. It is very important for one to look after and care for one’s human environment.
  3.  If one takes care of the environment one lives in then one would like a better world. 
  4. A well-known fact is that the environment plays an important role in healthy living and the existence of life on planet Earth.  
  5. The study of the human environment is now being taught to students from the age of 8 to teach them the importance of it and learn to take care of the environment. 
  6. The human environment or human-regulated environment is also called the noosphere.
  7.  Components of the human environment are physical elements, services, and the exposure of humans to potentially dangerous environmental conditions.
  8. One should adapt and learn all new means to try and take care of one’s environment and educate the people as well. 
  9. One should put up posters around the location as a reminder for people to take care of one’s environment. This can be a smart way to educate people. 
  10. On the planet Earth, there is 72% of water. However, 96.5% of this water is ocean water and the ice caps hold about 2%. Therefore, humans drink 1% of the water. We should really try and learn the value of water and use it judiciously.