10 Lines Essay on Human Body in English for Students

  1. The human body is in itself amazing. 
  2. It is said that one can produce about 40,000 liters of spit in your lifetime. 
  3. The ears can never stop growing and the skin is the largest organ.
  4.  There are so many amusing facts about the human body that can be such an eye-opener for one. 
  5. According to studies, it is also said that human teeth are as sharp as shark teeth.
  6.  Humans are the only species in the world that are able to blush. 
  7. Humans have different fingerprints and just as so, they also possess a unique tongue print.
  8.  The human body is so amazing that even if one is asleep, the brain is still working. 
  9. Every second, the human body produces 25 million new cells.
  10. An adult bladder can hold up to 400ml of liquid.