10 Lines Essay on How You Celebrated Christmas in English for Students

  1. Christmas is celebrated on 25th December every year in celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ. Christians celebrate Christmas by going to church. 
  2. Some people celebrate Christmas by decorating their homes with lights and putting up the Christmas tree with family.
  3.  A lot of family gatherings and bonding takes place on this very day.
  4.  There are some family traditions where gift exchange takes place as well. 
  5. Different families have different ways of celebrating Christmas with their loved ones. One can celebrate Christmas by giving to the needy and helping the needy. 
  6. One can also celebrate Christmas by visiting the orphanage or old age homes and sharing or having a feast with them as well. 
  7. We celebrate Christmas by also holding concerts by singing carols as well.
  8. We can also celebrate Christmas by going on family vacations and trips
  9. Friends can have sleepovers in each other’s place which can be very memorable.
  10. We can celebrate Christmas by going on picnics with friends and family as well.