10 Lines Essay on How we celebrate New Year in English for Students

  1. We celebrate New Year every year as the year begins and the calendar’s year count increments by one.  Everyone has different ways of celebrating this day. 
  2. Christians celebrate by going to church and praising God. 
  3. Some celebrate this day by going on picnics with friends and families.  
  4. Some may celebrate it by going on vacations or even having family gatherings at home. 
  5. The most famous ritual is feasting with the close ones, sharing gifts, and making New Year’s resolutions.
  6.  Every family has their own style of celebrating this day.
  7.  We can celebrate this day by decorating the house with lanterns or with any other style. 
  8. Games and sports are also being held on this day, a day filled with so many activities to keep the day fun for everyone.
  9. Friends can go on trips and camps
  10. We can celebrate New Year by having barbecue night with our closed and loved ones.