10 Lines Essay on How to Save Trees in English for Students

  1. We can save trees by planting more trees. 
  2. Reducing the cut down of trees. One should also keep in mind that as one saves paper one saves trees as well.
  3.  One can also make a poster, and videos about the importance of trees and post it on social media as we all know the power that social media holds today.
  4. One can also purchase more recycled materials, this is one action that will help  one to save trees. 
  5. If possible one can also try and push the local government to do more about the trees in your locality or one can also bring this topic up to the head of the school one is studying in. Saving trees should be a priority for everyone because they provide the essential requirements for our survival. 
  6. We can save trees by educating the uneducated and re educating the educated. 
  7. We can save trees by organising programs or volunteering in organisations in relation to planting more trees in one’s locality. 
  8. One should practise recycling one’s waste. 
  9. One should make good use of paper and not waste them as saving paper means saving trees. 
  10. We can collaborate with various influencers on social media on the importance of saving trees. Influencers play a very important role in today’s world with social media taking the lead.