10 Lines Essay on How to Save Electricity in English for Students

  1. Electricity is a crucial aspect of modern living and the economy. In today’s world without electricity, the working of most things will not be possible. Such as heating, cooling, and refrigeration, as well as to power appliances, computers, electronics, industrial systems, and public transit systems. 
  2. We can save electricity on our part by switching off the lights when not in use.  
  3. Using more daylight during the day rather than the electricity for light. 
  4. One thing very important to keep in mind in order to save electricity is to unplugging electronics when you’re not using them. 
  5. Using LED lights will also help save electricity however it does no good to the eye sight.
  6.  When there is sufficient ventilation at a home one should learn how to spend time outdoors and get some fresh air rather than using fans or air conditioners. 
  7. Using solar energy will also aid saving electricity to a whole new level and this is why in today’s world in most houses one will see the use and implementation of solar powers. 
  8. We can use more solar energy.
  9. We can save electricity by making posters and organising programs in institutions to  re-educate the students and teachers.
  10. Instead of using the washing machine we can wash clothes by hand whenever possible.