10 Lines Essay on How to Keep the Environment Clean in English for Students

  1. Keeping your environment clean is crucial for the environment as well as the earth that we live in, and therefore, one must do all possible things to keep the environment clean and free from pollution so that living life on earth can be healthy for everyone. 
  2. We can keep the environment clean by using the three R’s in our daily lives; REUSE, REDUCE AND RECYCLE. 
  3.  We can also try and change our lifestyle to living a minimal lifestyle, this can really help the environment as we buy only what is really needed in our lives. 
  4. We should try and invest more on reusable things. One can also try to walk more rather than use their car on a daily basis, or use more public transport.
  5.  Keeping garbage in bins and not littering it everywhere is a small yet useful step in keeping the environment clean. 
  6. All drains should be covered to avoid flies and mosquitoes and to maintain hygiene. 
  7. Promoting the act of using sustainable and eco-friendly products by buying or even advertising them in social media can do a huge amount of work in this field. 
  8. Donating unwanted goods can also really help in keeping the environment clean.
  9. Organising monthly or weekly programs to clean the neighbouring areas in one’s locality. 
  10. Putting up large posters in and around the area as a reminder for everyone to keep the environment clean.