10 Lines Essay on How to Control Pollution in English for Students

  1. We can control pollution by walking instead of driving for walkable distances.
  2.  Using more public transport can aid in controlling pollution as well. 
  3. Using light appliances and other electrical appliances efficiently and sustainably.  Using the three R’s; reuse, recycle, and reduce, into the working of our life.
  4.  Using clean fuels such as LPG and CNG instead of diesel and petrol.
  5.  One should also try and use environmentally friendly products for any usage.
  6.  We should plant more trees and turn off lights when not in use. This may seem odd to some but in reality and according to science the energy that the lights take also contribute to air pollution, thus less consumption of electricity can save energy. 
  7. One should try to reduce the usage of plastic bags which are highly harmful to the environment as they take up so much time to decompose a massive work in reducing and controlling pollution.
  8. We can control pollution by promoting and using more eco-friendly products.
  9. We can collaborate with influencers and high-resource persons and take the initiative in promoting and educating people on pollution control.
  10. There can be strict rules in workplaces or institutions regarding the usage of plastic appliances and more usage of eco friendly products.