10 Lines Essay on How I spent my Puja Holidays

  1. Puja vacations are the longest vacations after the summer and winter holidays. 
  2. Schools and colleges are closed during Durga Puja. 
  3. The festival is celebrated with great vigour in my home town.
  4. I spent my puja vacation with my family.
  5. We had a fun family picnic at a nearby park. 
  6. We enjoyed homemade food and played outdoor games. 
  7. In the evening we visited a few temples where grand pujas were performed.
  8. During the evenings, we lit candles and diyas, and said prayers together for happiness and prosperity. 
  9. My grandmother made many different delicious sweets and savouries on this occasion
  10. I felt refreshed and grateful for the precious time spent with my loved ones.