10 Lines Essay on History of Vasai in English

  1. Vasai-Virar area is a rapidly changing area present in the west coast of India.
  2. History of Vasai dates back to the Puranic ages. 
  3. The present day name of Vasai originates from Sanskrit word “waas” meaning dwelling or residence. 
  4. The name was changed to Basai by Muslims who occupied Vasai before the Portuguese. 
  5. The Portuguese named it Bacaim and the Marathas renamed it Bajipur. 
  6. The British named it Bassein and today it is called Vasai. 
  7. It was a significant trading center long before the Portuguese arrived.
  8. It was also a wealthy agricultural region.
  9. It was the main naval base and ship-building centre of the Portuguese.
  10. It is famous for the Vasai Fort built by the Portuguese.