10 Lines Essay on Hills in English

  1. Hills are a thing of beauty and a paradise on earth.
  2. Visiting a place located on a hill or a mountain can be a great idea.
  3. Hills have beautiful scenery and clean air.
  4. Hilly people also have diverse local culture and traditions. 
  5. There is no noise, so we can easily do meditation.
  6. We can do various fun and adventurous activities like hiking, trekking and camping.
  7. They are located at a high altitude and at a distance from the coast
  8. They are often used as a retreat from the heat of the lower-lying areas. 
  9. The weather is cooler and the air is fresher than on the plains.
  10. Some of the most famous hill stations are Shimla, Darjeeling, and Ooty.