10 Lines Essay on Hibiscus Leaves in English

  1. Hibiscus leaves are ovate, simple and 8 to 10.5 cm long. 
  2. They are spirally arranged around a long stalk. 
  3. The flowers are bisexual, large and showy. 
  4. They grow up to 25 cm wide,  stalked and arising singly from the upper leaf axils. 
  5. The five free petals joined at the base may be white, yellow or red.
  6. The leaves are used for treating loss of appetite, colds, heart and nerve diseases.
  7. The leaves naturally produce lather, making it easy to formulate as a shampoo.
  8. Their leaves are used for culinary purposes. 
  9. The raw leaves are considered a vegetable. 
  10. They are high in antioxidants and has many other benefits.