10 Lines Essay on Harry Potter in English

  1. The Harry Potter series is one of the most famous tale of recent times.
  2. It is a fascinating tale of sorcerers, wands, broomsticks, dragons, and magic. 
  3. Harry is a young, charming personality who is destined to be a hero.
  4. He is an unloved orphan brought up by his uncle and aunt.
  5. He gets an invitation from Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry which is a boarding school.
  6. At his eleventh birthday, Harry discovers he is a wizard.
  7. He learns that his parents were murdered by a powerful dark wizard Lord Voldemort.
  8. Harry survived instead of  Voldemort’s killing curse but the curse bounced back and killed Voldemort.
  9. This left a lightning bolt shaped scar on his forehead. 
  10. Thus Harry became famous in the wizarding world.