10 Lines Essay On Hamara Rashtriya Dhwaj In English For Students

  1. ‘Rashtriya dhwaj’ is the Hindi translation for ‘National flag’.
  2. The national flag of India is a symbol of honour, patriotism, and freedom for the country.
  3. It represents the unity in diversity of our country.
  4. The Indian flag is a horizontal rectangular tricolour.
  5. It consists of saffron, white, and green colour.
  6. The colour saffron represents courage and sacrifice.
  7. White colour denotes peace and truth.
  8. Green colour symbolizes faith and chivalry.
  9. The Asoka chakra represents the eternal wheel of law.
  10. Three colours in one flag represent ‘One nation’ inspite of differences in language, culture, religion and class.