10 Lines Essay On Guru Parv In English For Students

  1. Guru Parv is a very big day for the followers of Sikhism.
  2. They celebrate the day to remember and pay gratitude to Guru Nanak Dev.
  3. It marks the birth anniversary of Shri Guru Nanak Dev.
  4. He was an Indian spiritual teacher who was the first Guru of Sikhism.
  5. He founded the religion of Sikhism and also has great contributions to humanity.
  6. India observes his birthday as a public holiday.
  7. The birthday celebrations last three days.
  8. Akhand Path is performed in the Gurdwaras two days before the birthday.
  9. Gurudwaras are decorated with flowers and rangoli.
  10. This is a sacred festival, which is observed all over the world.