10 Lines Essay On Guru Hargobind Ji In English For Students

  1. Guru Hargobind Ji was born in 1595 at Wadali near Amritsar.
  2. He was the son of Guru Arjan Dev Ji and Mata Ganga Ji.
  3. He became the sixth Sikh Guru at the age of 11.
  4. He built the Akal Takht, which became the seat of Sikh social and political power.
  5. He developed a very strong Sikh army.
  6. He gave the Sikh religion its military character.
  7. He is known as the ‘soldier saint’.
  8. He gave a fine blend to the powers of Bhakti and Shakti.
  9. He traveled a lot to teach about Sikhism.
  10. He died in1644, Kiratpur Sahib.