10 Lines Essay On Guru Amar Das Ji In English For Students

  1. Guru Amar Das Ji was the third Sikh Guru.
  2. He was given this name at the elderly age of 73.
  3. He was born in India’s Khadur in 1479.
  4. He is remembered for promoting Sikh missionary activities.
  5. He condemned caste discrimination and untouchability.
  6. He also preached against ‘Sati’ and the ‘Purdah system’.
  7. He advised the Sikhs to not indulge in alcohol, tobacco, and other intoxicants.
  8. He blessed us with the bani of Anand Sahib.
  9. Anand Sahib is a precious and serene bani which Sikhs recite after every prayer service.
  10. He died in Goindwal in 1574.