10 Lines Essay On Grishma Ritu In English For Students

  1. Grishma is the Sanskrit word meaning summer.
  2. It is one of the six seasons (ritu) prevalant in India.
  3. It lasts two months i.e. Jyeshtha and Ashadha which fall between Mid-May to Mid-July.
  4. It marks the onset of hot and humid summers in India.
  5. The lakes and rivers are dried up, the plants are lifeless.
  6. It is the season of exhaustion, lethargy, dehydration and lack of energy.
  7. Days are longer than nights during this season.
  8. Summer comes at the end of spring and it ends at the onset of winters.
  9. Many fruits like mango, litchi etc are available during this season.
  10. Students enjoy this season as schools remain closed during summers.