10 Lines Essay On Great Bath In English For Students

  1. The Great Bath is considered as one of the most impressive structure of Mohenjodaro.
  2. It is a watertight bath built from fine brickwork.
  3. It resembles a great swimming pool, used for bathing on special occasions.
  4. It is rectangular and 8 feet lower than the surrounding pavement.
  5. There are galleries all around the pool.
  6. It was used on religious festival to purify and renew human soul.
  7. Near its south-west corner was the “hummam” which means the hot air bath.
  8. A hole at its one end was used to drain the water into it.
  9. It was found during excavations of Mohenjo-daro.
  10. It was one of the main centres of the Indus civilization.