10 Lines Essay On Gratitude In English For Students

  1. Gratitude has come from the Latin word ‘Gratus’ which means thankful.
  2. It is a beautiful way of enriching our lives.
  3. It refers to the feeling of appreciation and thankfulness for the good which we receive in life.
  4. We feel happier and calmer when we express our gratitude to others.
  5. It is one of many positive emotions.
  6. It is all about focusing on the good things in our lives and being thankful for the things we take for granted.
  7. It enhances the quality of life and makes existence more worth living.
  8. It strengthens the bond with family and friends.
  9. Expressing gratitude keeps us happy, healthy and stress-free.
  10. It is the best way to return the favour to God, nature, friends and society.