10 Lines Essay On Gorakhpur City In English For Students

  1. Gorakhpur city is present in UP on the bank of river Rapti in Purvanchal region.
  2. The city is home to the Gorakhnath Math, a Gorakhnath temple.
  3. The city is named after the saint Baba Gorakshanth.
  4. Gorakhpur city is the gateway to many cultures.
  5. Historically, it was a part of Lord Rama’s renowned Koshla kingdom.
  6. There are many temples present in the city, Gorakhnath Temple , Vishnu Temple, Arogya Mandir,
  7. Famous tourist places also include Gita Press and Gita Vatika.
  8. Mahavir, Gautam Buddha and Kabir are associated with this region.
  9. It is considered to be a gateway to Hinduism and Buddhism.
  10. The city celebrates “Khichdi Mela” for a month at the shrine of Gorakhnath.