10 Lines Essay On Gopal Hari Deshmukh In English For Students

  1. Gopal Hari Deshmukh was born on18 February 1823 in Pune, Bombay.
  2. He was an Indian activist, thinker, and social reformer.
  3. He was an important figure of the Social Reform Movement in Maharashtra.
  4. His other names are Lokhitwadi and Rao Bahadur.
  5. He used to write articles by his pen name ‘Lokhitwadi’ that is why he came to be known by that pen name.
  6. He promoted freedom and education of women.
  7. He also wrote against arranged child marriages and the dowry system.
  8. He was also a great author.
  9. His writing includes topics like Panipat war, kalyug, Jatibhed, Lankecha Itihas etc.
  10. He died on October 9 1892 at the age of 69.