10 Lines Essay On Good Touch Bad Touch In English For Students

  1. Good touch and bad touch are very important to be taught to children.
  2. It must not just be restricted to be taught to girls but also boys.
  3. Earlier, this was a taboo topic to be discussed. 
  4. With child molesters and kidnappers increasing day by day, this safety measure becomes increasingly crucial to be taught to children. 
  5. Realising its importance, schools have now incorporated this to be taught to children.
  6. Kids must be taught that good touch would merely involve innocent gestures such as hugs and kisses from family, handshakes and pats on the back done in appreciation.
  7. Bad touch, however, is seemingly innocent.
  8. Children must be taught that anyone touching their private parts would be considered bad touch.
  9. With molesters often being close ones or relatives, it is mandatory that children be taught to distinguish between a good and a bad touch.
  10. If a touch, even not to the private parts of a child, makes them uncomfortable, they must be taught to tell an adult that it is a bad touch without fear.