10 Lines Essay On Gond Art In English For Students

  1. The word ‘Gond’ comes from the word ‘Kond’ meaning ‘green mountain’.
  2. It is a famous folk and tribal art of the Gond tribal community of central India.
  3. Gond tribe is one of the largest tribes in India found in Madhya Pradesh.
  4. The paintings use vibrant colors like orange, yellow, blue and red.
  5. Natural colours from flowers, charcoal, coloured stones etc. are used.
  6. It is created with the lines and dots method.
  7. The paintings include trees, humans, animal forms like chameleons, butterflies, cows, fish peacock etc.
  8. It is a pictorial art usually done on the floor and walls of a house.
  9. Jangarh Singh Syam is a legendary name in the history of Gond painting.
  10. The art is unique in itself and is recognised worldwide.