10 Lines Essay On Goldsmith In English For Students

  1. Goldsmith is a metal worker, specialized in working with gold, silver etc.
  2. They make jewellery from Gold and precious stones as well.
  3. They use many methods like cutting, hammering, turning, bending etc to make ornaments.
  4. Goldsmith uses a variety of tools to make the metal into shapes needed to build the intended piece.
  5. Historically Goldsmith belonged to the ” sunar caste” community in India.
  6. They beautify the metal and make it attractive to wear.
  7. They use different methods to secure stones and engrave jewellery.
  8. They also make utensils, ceremonial and religious items from metal.
  9. There are renowned brands of jewellers in India like Tanishq, PC jewellers etc.
  10. It is a good earning profession that requires art and skill.