10 Lines Essay On Goat In English For Students

  1. Google defines the term ‘goat’ to be “a hardy domesticated ruminant mammal that has backwards-curving horns and (in the male) a beard.”
  2. It also states that “ It is kept for its milk and meat, and noted for its lively behaviour.”
  3. A goat is a herbivorous animal.
  4. It is terrestrial in nature.
  5. It is also a domestic animal.
  6. Goat is bred for their meat. 
  7. Goat’s milk is considered to be very nutritious. 
  8. Goat skin is also a type of leather. 
  9. It is used to make products such as bags and gloves.
  10. In slang, ‘GOAT’ refers to “Greatest of All Time.”