10 Lines Essay On Globe In English For Students

  1. The word ‘globe’ refers to a spherical, ball-like shape or object.
  2. Globe, more specifically, is simply defined by Google to be, “the Earth”.
  3. It is, in fact, a three-dimensional representation of our Earth.
  4. Simply put, it is a model of Earth as can be viewed from satellites in space. 
  5. It is placed in a stand from which it can be rotated just as how Earth rotates. 
  6. Globe is living proof of the fact that Earth can never be flat!
  7. It serves as an extensive map. 
  8. In a globe, land areas are coloured typically in mild brown. 
  9. It vividly names each of these landmarks down to every little detail accurately.
  10. The water bodies are marked in blue.