10 Lines Essay On General Knowledge In English For Students

  1. Google defines the term to be “knowledge of a broad range of facts about various subjects.”
  2. It is commonly abbreviated to be referred to as ‘GK’. 
  3. Subjects such as history, art, history, geology, and current affairs fall under GK. 
  4. It enables a person to be powerful with knowledge as their weapon.
  5. General knowledge is very useful and important in one’s life.
  6. It also makes one know about the happenings of the world, making them intelligent.
  7. In India, general knowledge is given a lot of importance.
  8. That is why, India’s civil service exams and other exams (such as banking) have separate papers for GK.
  9. There are several books on GK that are published every year for people to gain knowledge.
  10. GK quizzes are also a popular way to enrich the minds of people with GK.