10 Lines Essay On Garmi Ka Mausam In English For Students

  1. ‘Garmi Ka Mausam’ is a Hindi term that literally translates to ‘Summer season’.
  2. Summer is to be “the season of the year between spring and autumn when the weather is warmest, lasting from June to September north of the equator and from December to March south of the equator.”
  3. It is the hottest season out of the 4. 
  4. It is also the time of vacation, especially for school-going children. 
  5. In India, Summer stretches from April to June.
  6. It, however, starts in March itself.
  7. During summer, the days are longer and the nights, shorter.
  8. Summer is famous for mangoes in India.
  9. People usually eat water-rich foods to keep themselves hydrated in summer.
  10. Popular foods eaten in summer are cucumbers, watermelons, and lassis.