10 Lines Essay On Garbage In English For Students

  1. Google defines ‘Garbage’ to be “rubbish or waste, especially domestic refuse.”
  2. Garbage is also known as litter, refuse, junk, rubbish, trash, and waste. 
  3. The first type of garbage, domestic waste, is from houses.
  4. The second type, municipal waste, are wastes from schools, offices, roads, and shops.
  5. The third type, industrial waste, are the wastes discarded from industries and small factories.
  6. Garbage ought to be disposed of properly.
  7. Lack of proper disposal of garbage will lead to air, water, and soil pollution.
  8. It can also lead to the spread of various diseases. 
  9. We must reduce, reuse, and recycle garbage. 
  10. Artworks of garbage and museums of the same are now arising in India.