10 Lines Essay on Flag in English

  1. A flag represents a country, an organisation or a group with an identity.
  2. Flags are hoisted at the top of buildings of the country they represent.
  3. The designs on the flag are not random but have a specific purpose such as history, value and symbolism.
  4. Flags help to evoke a sense of brotherhood and can make different people of the same group as one.
  5. Flag etiquette is usually followed while hoisting a flag and they vary from country to country.
  6. Disrespecting a flag can attract severe penalties and criminal charges.
  7. Flags are historical in the sense that they combine the social, cultural and historical perspectives.
  8. Flags are used to mobilize people toward a common cause.
  9. Flags are religious, ethnic and political.
  10. Flags are mostly hoisted on the official capital cities of different countries of the world.