10 Lines Essay on Fire Engine in English for Students

  1. A fire engine is a vehicle designed to assist in fighting fires.
  2. It is bright red with a long ladder, a long black hose, and a loud and urgent bell.
  3. The primary purpose of the vehicle is to respond quickly in times of emergency.
  4. It is a multi-purpose vehicle carrying personnel and equipment for a wide range of fire-fighting and rescue tasks.
  5. It is also known as a fire truck.
  6. The fire engine has a large water tank to store water for firefighting purposes.
  7. The vehicle plays a crucial role in firefighting and emergency response.
  8. Apart from fire hazards, fire engines are also used in various other emergencies.
  9. Firefighters are highly trained professionals who know how to utilize the tools and equipment to combat fire.
  10. Fire engines are lifelines for fire fighting.