10 Lines Essay on Favourite Animal in English for Students

  1. Animals are defenseless creatures who deserve our love and support.
  2. It is difficult to pick a favorite animal because I have many.
  3. I adore all animals, but some more than others, and dogs come on top of the list.
  4. Dogs are loyal, loving creatures that come in a variety of breeds.
  5. They can experience the same feelings as humans.
  6. When they are not given enough attention, they become envious, but they will surrender their life to their master.
  7. Dogs are also intelligent animals that can be trained to do different tasks.
  8. They have a deep love for their master that no human can match.
  9. Within a few minutes of playing, even street dogs will become your friend.
  10. Thus, dogs are man’s best friend and selfless, innocent souls.