10 Lines Essay on Father in English for Students

  1. The father is responsible for providing sustenance to his loved ones; an integral role that cannot be overstated.
  2. Fathers have been revered throughout generations as treasured gifts from above crafted with utmost care by God himself – their existence holding immense value in our lives.
  3. We address them as Dad, Daddy or Papa.
  4. Their names represent much more than mere words on our lips but a symbol of gratitude for all they bring into our lives.
  5. Those who enjoy paternal love are truly lucky.
  6. The Fathers fully dedicate themselves unconditionally when it comes to tending to needs & fulfilling desires.
  7. A father plays an irreplaceable role acting as both heart & soul establishing love, respect & harmony amongst all members.
  8. Heinous dangers lurking within society are kept at bay, before ever reaching us due to Dad’s protective aura.
  9. Fathers are not just regular individuals but embodiments of noble characteristics.
  10. In times of need & crisis they guide us, always encouraging modesty & lending a hand to the less fortunate amongst us.