10 Lines Essay on Fatehpur Sikri in English For Students

  1. Fatehpur Sikri is a historical city in Agra, India, that is famous for its exquisite architectural masterpieces.
  2. It was constructed in the 16th century by Emperor Akbar and briefly served as the Mughal Empire’s capital.
  3. The Buland Darwaza, Jama Masjid, and Panch Mahal are just a few of the city’s majestic structures that are well known.
  4. A distinctive fusion of Islamic, Hindu, and Persian architectural forms can be seen in Fatehpur Sikri.
  5. The structures’ elaborate carvings, marble work, and geometric designs serve as a reminder of the excellence of that time’s craftsmanship.
  6. The city is also home to significant historical sites including the Diwan-i-Khas and the Tomb of Sheikh Salim Chishti.
  7. Due to water shortage problems, Fatehpur Sikri was abandoned; yet, travelers from all over the world continue to see its well-preserved structures.
  8. In 1986, it was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in honor of its cultural and historical importance.
  9. The city gives visitors a taste of the Mughal Empire’s splendor and richness at its best.
  10. By seeing Fatehpur Sikri, one may experience the rich historical and architectural masterpieces of the Mughal era as if they had traveled back in time.