10 Lines Essay on Farmer in English for Students

  1. A farmer is a person who participates in agricultural activities for food and raises livestock for commercial as well as domestic use sometimes. 
  2. They play a vital role in food production and contribute to feeding the world’s population.
  3. All the major tasks involved in agriculture such as plowing, tilling, harvesting etc are performed by farmers on a small scale.
  4. If their activities are on a large scale, they take help from machines. 
  5. Some farmers specialize in specific types of crops, such as grains, fruits, and vegetables. 
  6. Livestock farmers focus on raising animals for meat, dairy, or wool production.
  7. Many national governments support farmers by providing monetary benefits, incentives, and HYV seeds as well as metrological advice.
  8. Some farmers focus on commercial farming while others focus on subsistence farming.
  9. Farmer mandi are designed to help farmers connect with consumers of their agricultural produce  so as to facilitate the business transaction between them both. 
  10. Farmers are essential for global food security and play a crucial role in sustaining societies and economies.