10 Lines Essay on Farm in English for Students

  1. A farm is a place which is used for plant cultivation or raising livestock.
  2. It is well maintained, secured by farmers to prevent trespassing. 
  3. It serves as a hub of agricultural activities, encompassing various elements such as fields, and livestock enclosures.
  4. A farm requires efficient and sustainable management to achieve the goal of production and rearing.
  5. A farm used for plant cultivation requires a large space in which rows after rows of plants are cultivated with proper watering technique and other measures that help the plants to grow without any stress.
  6. Live stock rearing farms are relatively smaller and contain well built sheds house animals.
  7. Farms employ modern farming techniques, including precision agriculture and sustainable practices, to maximize yields and minimize environmental impact.
  8. Sustainable farming practices aim to protect and preserve the environment, minimizing chemical use and promoting biodiversity.
  9. Various national governments promote sustainable farming so that the environment is least affected.
  10. Farms continue to contribute to the economy in a significant way.