10 Lines Essay on Famous Mathematician in English for Students

  1. A mathematician as the name suggests is a person who solves mathematical problems.
  2. Mathematics is a subject which is also known as the language of the universe.
  3. Mathematics has been a very important field of study from time immemorial to many people who were great mathematicians. 
  4. Euclid was a Greek mathematician who was also known as the father of geometry and laid the foundations of mathematical proofs and division lemma. 
  5. Pythagoras, known for his theorem, is taught in almost every high school in the mathematics class. 
  6. Srinivasa Ramanujan was an Indian mathematician who was best known for his contribution in mathematical analysis. 
  7. Henri Lebesgue was another mathematician who was known for his work in calculus which plays a very significant role in today’s life. 
  8. Life is unimaginable without computers today, all thanks to Ada Lovelace, a mathematician and  a pioneer of computer programming who envisioned the potential of machines.
  9. These famous mathematicians have shaped the landscape of mathematics, inspiring future generations to push the boundaries of knowledge.
  10. Without them there would be no computers, no man on moon and no international space stations.