10 Lines Essay on Falcon in English for Students

  1. Falcon is a bird of prey which belongs to the genus Falco and Family Falconidae.
  2. They are found worldwide except Antarctica.
  3. They hunt their prey from water bodies by diving from mid-air flight.
  4. Their prey includes fishes, rodents and insects.
  5. Peregrine Falcon is the fastest species of Falcon on Earth.
  6. They are territorial in nature and are known to defend their territory from other birds.
  7. They make pairs for life.
  8. They are also depicted in many cultures as a symbol of beauty, speed, power and agility.
  9. Their ecological niche is very important as they are known to keep a check on the insect population in an ecosystem.
  10. They are also engaged in professional sports in many countries of the world.