10 Lines Essay on Faisal Mosque in English for Students

  1. Faisal Mosque is located in Pakistan and is also known as the ‘National mosque of Pakistan’.
  2. It was named after King Faisal of Saudi Arabia.
  3. It was designed by Turkish artist Vedat Dalokay.
  4. Its exterior was designed with white marble which draws a unique radiance.
  5. There is a huge chandelier that lightens the central space and the prayer hall.
  6. It was funded by the government of Saudi Arabia as a gift to the people of Pakistan with a cost of over $120 million.
  7. It has the capacity to accommodate around 300,000 people at once.
  8. There is also a library in the mosque as well as a worship house.
  9. The mosque’s design is inspired from a blend of modern and traditional islamic architecture .
  10. Faisal Mosque serves as a major tourist destination around the world.