10 Lines Essay on Fairy in English

  1. Fairies are imaginative and mythical creatures often depicted having wings.
  2. Many novels and literature works have revolved around fairies.
  3. They are supernatural beings that have the ability to fly and are very beautiful.
  4. Fairies are also able to control water, earth, fire and air.
  5. Fairies can perform magic with ease.
  6. Different civilizations have depicted fairies in their own sense.
  7. Fairies are also capable of granting wishes in some stories.
  8. Some movies depicting fairies are the Harry Potter series, The Lords of the Ring series etc.
  9. Not everyone can spot fairies and they are said to be present in far-flung areas hitherto untouched by human civilization.
  10. Fairies continue to enchant people upto these days.